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Top 7 Benefits of Using Social Media

Top 7 Benefits of Using Social Media
Thursday, February 10, 2022

If you are a small business owner in Louisiana and you're not using social media presence to your advantage in 2022, then you're hiding your business from 4.48 billion people around the world. The number of people registered on various social media is rising by 4-5% each year. More than often, to build a successful brand, you'll have to follow the upcoming trends along with your audience. That being said, If your customers spend their time on Facebook or Instagram, then you should probably put yourself out there. Otherwise, you might fall off from your competition significantly. We know that might sound new to you, and we're here to help you.

Here are seven benefits of using social media in 2022:

1. Build Your Brand.

Social Media Marketing will help you establish a better connection between your brand and your audience. You'll be able to put yourself in front of genuine, interested leads without having to pay a dime. Social media platforms let you grow organically for free, allowing you to connect with your audience anytime. This also builds trust at the same time. The more often your potential customers see you posting and providing valuable content, the bigger the chances they will buy from you. If it's free and isn't super time-consuming, why wouldn't you give it a shot?

2. Target the right people.

With social media platforms, you can speak directly to your leads. You know who's interested in your brand by checking who's following your account. The best is you get to know your audience better, which helps you get in better touch with them by creating more personalized/valuable stuff. The direct connection could also mean better customer service. You can solve issues 1-on-1 anytime, and doing so makes you look more professional in your customer's eyes. Last but not least, you'll get valuable insights into how your customers see your brand. The fact is, what matters the MOST you often doesn't matter at all to your customers (you could think your audience wants X, but they actually want Y). 

3.They boost your SEO Rankings.

The use of Social media won't have a DIRECT impact on your SEO Rankings. Instead, social media presence will boost many factors that affect your position on Search Engines, for example, by driving traffic to your website or increasing your credibility. They won't only help you get more people towards your website, but they'll also open the door for you to spread valuable content across different media channels.

4. Partner up with influencers.

Influencer Marketing is often more effective than Paid Ads (but less scalable). People choose to follow influencers based on their personality: are they humble? Do they make me laugh? Do they motivate me? We know for a fact that people buy based on emotions first, and now that we've got more influencers than ever, partnering up with someone who has a big following might lead to quick & astonishing results. Influencers already have their fanbase - the only thing you need to create a successful collaboration between your brand and the influencer is a good product/service and a good deal.

5. You can go viral.

What if your content could reach 10x, 20x, 30x, or even 100x more people than usual? Although this sounds unreal, it's normal to see posts skyrocket their reach because something clicked in the algorithm. Getting to know what your audience likes the most will bring ideas that eventually could stand for viral content. Putting them to use might result in reaching thousands of new people that could potentially turn into a customer.

6. Stand out from your competition.

Even if this sounds obvious, being present in social media can strengthen your brand and give you a unique advantage over your competition. You can place yourself as the "better" brand by standing out in terms of content, design, or provided value.

7. Paid Ads.

Probably the most powerful digital marketing tool ever made. Paid ads let you target specific demographics & interests while monitoring your Cost Per Acquisition and scaling your brand.  Although, if done wrong, this could be a huge budget burner. It's almost impossible to be successful on your first-ever campaign launched, and you'll have to chunk out thousands of dollars before you find the right creatives/targeting or copy that eventually will work for your ads.

So, it's important to know what you're doing before you spend your first bucks on a paid campaign (or hire an expert to do it all for you).

Who can help you build your social media presence?

Understandably, you won't have much time to manage your social media profiles as a business owner. And if you're pretty sure right now that you need someone to help you grow your online presence, you might consider hiring an expert - this could be either a freelancer or an agency. Whether you prefer to work directly with that one person who's going to manage your profiles/campaigns or with a team at a professional agency - it's all up to you. So, as long as you hire the right digital marketing team, you can expect to generate much higher results for your business than ever before.

Why is it worth hiring an agency to manage your social media accounts?

Agencies have their system in place, meaning they already know what works and what doesn’t. You'll be working with experienced, results-focused people who have more resources and tools for social media (content distribution applications, design programs, access to data, and in-depth analytics). You'll be working directly with an individual who leads and manages a professional team of local marketers. What's worth mentioning is that you can have different people working on various tasks - meaning that you can have expert copywriters work on your copy/blogs, designers work on your graphics, media buyers work with your paid campaigns. All of these tasks at once might be overwhelming for a freelancer alone. If you need social media management, contact the Louisiana marketing professionals at Parker Digital Agency to get started today!

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Thursday, February 10, 2022


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