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What Should I Put on My Small Business Website?

What Should I Put on My Small Business Website?
Sunday, March 20, 2022

Online marketing is the need of the hour for small businesses. In this day and age, most people buy whatever they need from online platforms. We often prefer ordering stuff on the internet rather than going out shopping.

In the comfort of your own house, it’s easier to decide on what you want to buy.

The world is moving at a face pace, and humans seem to have less time for leisure activities like going out shopping. Almost everybody searches online for products and services.

Small businesses should also embrace online marketing platforms and create websites to add more revenue to their business. It may sound complex and expensive to build your online presence, but there’s nothing to worry about.

You can create websites for free or pay a small amount depending on the type you wish to create. We will look at some essential features to add to a website.

  1. A Good Logo

A good logo is vital for the look of your brand. It will help you build recognition for your business.

A logo is essential because it does not confuse the customer with other websites or brands. It gives your website a unique identity.

For example, a customer buys a product from your website and finds it satisfactory. Now, supposing he doesn’t remember your website’s domain correctly, he might still be able to remember your name based on the picture of your logo. 

Ever seen a “swoosh” and thought of Nike instantly? Or an “f” on a blue background and knew instantly that it was Facebook?

Your logo should be designed in a way that demands attention and is easy to remember.

  1. Contact Information

Putting up contact information on the website is a basic requirement. This is so that the customers can contact you for clarification if there are any doubts.

You can add one or more phone numbers for your official business. Customers usually tend to call and inquire about products and services if they are unsure about them. It also builds trust between you and them when contact information is on websites.

Add an official email address for your website too. Some customers prefer to mail rather than speak over the telephone.

  1. Information About Your Company

Every business website should have a page dedicated to sharing the company’s background. This way, the potential customer will know about the company and its operations.

The page allows you to introduce the company to customers from a personal point of view and give them an idea of how your daily operations function. You can explain how the company started, the inspiration behind the company, and your intentions for the company.

All these little details will help you build trust with your potential consumers.

  1. Customer Reviews

Like any other online marketing website, you should leave a part of a page or a whole page solely for customer reviews.

Almost everyone who shops online goes to check the customer reviews of a product first before they even think of purchasing. If the reviews are good, the customer will probably go ahead with the purchase, but if the reviews are not up to par, the product may or may not sell.

The better the reviews, the higher your chances of selling more products. Also, AI-generated reviews will not be considered valid by most customers.

  1. Links to Your Social-Media

People from these new generations are always on their smartphones using all types of social media. They are always on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

This phenomenon makes it necessary to link your businesses to social media accounts. You should create official accounts on all social media platforms for your company’s websites. You should try your best to match their URLs with your website’s URL.

Businesses are growing immensely on social media platforms – especially on Facebook and Instagram. Small businesses are mainly on the rise after the pandemic hit worldwide. Online websites and social media platforms have played a massive role in this rise.

  1. A Simple URL (Web Address)

Your web address should be simple and something that customers will remember. You cannot expect someone to recollect a name with many characters and alphabets.

If you are not familiar with creating simple addresses, you can hire a web designer. Think of the cost of the web designer as an investment for future revenue. It doesn’t cost a lot to hire one, though.

  1. Product Pages

The most important role of having a website is to sell your products and services online. So, it is only common sense that you employ most of the website’s pages for your products and services.

Give a brief but appealing description of your products. Nobody likes reading long descriptions. It takes away the interest of the potential customer. The idea is to sell the product to the customer by giving him only the most important and attractive details.

The product descriptions should tell the customer what he wants to hear. You should not forget that the customer came to your website to find products to purchase.

Give some specifications of the products you are offering and the price. This is enough to make up your customer’s mind. You can also add good reviews below the product for more appeal.

  1. Photos of Your Store

Add some pictures of your store on your website’s home page to make the outlook better. The images should look clean and professional. It should show the better-looking parts of the store to attract more people.

It is human nature to get attracted to things that look good. So, this is another trick to make your website look more appealing to customers.

  1. Discounts & Special Offers

Some people solely purchase from online sites because of discounts on specific products and services.

When a person visits your website to go through products and sees some discount or a free coupon upon buying a product, that will tempt him to add the item to his shopping cart.

Any coupons or discounts will do the trick.

There are many things to add to a business website that can enhance its appeal, but the few suggestions above are enough for someone new to online marketing. This will help your company earn enough revenue.

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Sunday, March 20, 2022


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